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25.02.2016, 15:13 Uhr
Vorankündigung: Vortrag an der Harvard University
MdB Charles M. Huber spricht am 10. März an der renommierten US-Universität
Der Bundestagabgeordnete Charles M. Huber wird am 10. März auf Einladung des Zentrums für Europastudien an der renommierten Harvard University in Boston / USA einen Vortrag zum Thema "Migration in Europa" halten. Zudem trifft der CDU-Politiker in verschiedenen Formaten mit Studenten, Professoren und Universitätsangehörigen zusammen. Mehr Infos finden Sie hier.
MdB Huber spricht am 10. März an der Harvard University in Boston / USA. Foto: dpa
Boston / USA -

Einen kurzen Abriss seiner Rede in englischer Sprache finden Sie im Folgenden:
After a dark, repressive chapter in German and European history, it was mainly the “Economic Miracle” of the 1950s which prompted a strong surge in migration to Germany by guest workers. With themselves they brought along their culture, their local food and language. Encounters and mutual exchange not only on the working level but also within personal surroundings became commonplace. In short: Germans were confronted with more than their own dialects and their menu got enriched.

With the “hippie era” a global movement was born that introduced and promoted alternative forms of cohabitation - sometimes up to extremes. It shaped, however, political and social views, lives and understandings worldwide. Literature on the European market became increasingly international, comprehensive and daring.

What until then remained more or less missing has been completed by globalization and ultimately digitalization. Nowadays, we are living in a world where we are closer to one another then we have ever been before – not least because of global connection through social media networks like facebook. On the one hand we put efforts into regional integration, common interests and powers and on the other hand we observe a recent trend of renationalization with all its effects on the society and the individual -transformation and controversies of our times.